Email marketing

Email marketing

2X clicks, 4X opens! Email Marketing tool that generates cash!

Stop sending average emails to your subscribers and start working with a top Malaysian email marketing agency to help you increase sales and engagement through effective email marketing. 

Most email marketing is bad…

Yours doesn’t have to. 

You can now engage a Malaysian email marketing business that has sent over 5 million emails on our client’s behalf. 

We’ve maintained email lists with over 100,000 contacts and have expertise in complicated segmentation, sequencing, and behavioral triggers. 

How MaxReach Can Assist You With Email Marketing

Whether you’re starting from zero or already have a large list with complicated sequences and triggers in place, we have the experience to optimize any part of your email marketing.

Our experts can assist you with

Email marketing – Knowing what, when, and how to email your contact database for your email strategy to coincide with your entire business goals.

Email copywriting – creates the best emails to convert more of your subscribers into clients and consumers into clients who return. 

Email design – While not all emails require design, for things like newsletters and e-commerce emails, appearance can aid in click-throughs and brand perception. Our team creates designs and emails so you don’t have to mess around with an email client trying to make an email good. 

Email marketing tech setup and management – Our staff spends plenty of time inside email marketing software, so we can configure everything, segment your database, and push send when the moment is perfect. 

Email list growth – It’s critical to keep growing your email list of subscribers to obtain a good return on the time and effort you put into email marketing. To maintain the growth of a robust, responsive email list, we may assist you in crafting lead magnets and other enticing offers. 

Our Email Marketing Agency Procedure

How we work together with you to make the most of your email marketing strategy:

  • To find out whether we’re a good fit to work together, have a 30- to 60-minute initial talk (please describe your needs below).
  • Create a project scope and provide recommendations, costs, and timelines.
  • We will conduct an onboarding training to better understand your consumers and business objectives. 
  • Begin work and meet agreed-upon goals (Optional) Ongoing assistance with managing your email marketing month after month